How to do straight stitch and seed stitch

Here's a straight stitch tutorial complete with straight stitch embroidery instructions, seed stitch instructions and a video. Straight stitch is just as it sounds, a straight stitch which can be as long or short as needed. It’s called seed stitch when the stitches are short and the stitches go in different directions, a bit like seeds scattered on the ground.  Seed stitch is often used to fill a shape, as you can see in the photo below:

When the stitches are straight and longer, they’re called straight stitch.  The spokes of the wheel shape in the photo are straight stitch:

Download my free stitch guide covering 10 simple embroidery stitches, including seed stitch/straight stitch.

Seed stitch embroidery tutorial

Bring the needle up through the fabric at 1 and back down at 2 to form a straight stitch.  For seed stitch the stitches are short and they go in different directions.  For straight stitch the stitches are longer.

Straight stitch and seed stitch video