Basket weave stitch embroidery

To learn how to do basket weave stitch, check out my tutorial which includes:
  • illustrated embroidery stitch instructions
  • a basket stitch video
  • tips for success
  • variations on basket weave stitch
  • Royal School of Needlework stitch bank.

Basket weave stitch embroidery

As its name suggests, this is a useful stitch for embroidering baskets like the one shown below this hot air balloon.

Basket weave stitch on hot air balloon kitBasket weave stitch embroidery

  • For a basket shape do 5 straight stitches up and down the basket at a slight angle, diagram 1.
  • Bring the needle up at the side of the first stitch and weave the thread through the straight stitches going from side to side, over and under the stitches, diagram 2.
  • Don't put the needle into the fabric at the end of rows. Do the next row going under and over the stitches, the opposite way to the previous row, diagram 3.
  • Continue working rows until finished, diagram 4.
  • To get a closer weave effect you can push the rows of stitches up to fit more rows in. 
  • If needed, you can do outline the basket with back stitch to give a neat edge.

Video for basket weave stitch

Tips for success

  • You can use a blunt needle such as a tapestry needle to avoid catching the weaving threads with the foundation stitches. 
  • On my kits I mark the stitch lines so you know where and how to do the stitches. But if you're working on a piece of blank fabric remember to use an odd number of rows of foundation stitches. That's because the weaving on alternate rows goes in a different direction (over and under, then under and over).
Download my free stitch guide covering 10 simple embroidery stitches.

Basket weave stitch variations

You can leaving more space in between the rows to create a more open weave effect or doing the weaving very close together as shown in the photo.
You can also vary the thread colours and thread thickness for the foundation stitches and the weaving stitches. Here's a post showing how easily this can be done.