Embroidery tips for beginners

This section is full of useful embroidery tips for beginners, including videos showing you how to:

Embroidery tips for beginners - problems solved

I bet you can't wait to get started on your exciting new embroidery kit! But these embroidery tips will make all the difference to the finished embroidery. Taking a look at the videos will avoid you running into problems such as:

  • tangled embroidery thread
  • puckered fabric with wrinkles which won't iron out
  • lumps and knots on the back of your work
  • threads showing through your fabric
  • threads coming undone. 

How to display embroidery

I'm often asked how to display embroidery. There's nothing better than seeing your finished embroidery hanging on a wall so you can admire the end result of the time you spent creating a beautifully embroidered piece of wall art. 

Embroidery tips for beginners, framing embroidery

My embroidery display frames come with printed instructions, but you'll get some extra embroidery tips from the video.

Learning embroidery stitches

The best embroidery tip I can give you on learning embroidery stitches is to watch someone else doing them. All my kits come with easy-to-follow printed instructions but if you get stuck, my embroidery stitch tutorial and videos show you how I do the stitches using methods that work for me. 
And if you sign up to my newsletter you'll also get a free embroidery stitch guide which you can download and print. 

Royal School of Needlework

Another useful embroidery tip for beginners is to look at the Royal School of Needlework stitch bank. The stitch bank aims to preserve every known stitch so it will become a world-wide directory of embroidery stitches.
I'm the proud sponsor of double back stitch (even though I don't use it in any of my kits!)
RSN sponsorship double back stitch
The stitch bank shows you how to do a huge variety of embroidery stitches, some of which are well-known and popular while others are very unusual.