How to use an embroidery hoop

Learning how to use an embroidery hoop properly makes a big difference to how your embroidery will turn out. 

This embroidery hoop tutorial shows how fabric is put into the hoop, how to spread the fabric evenly and how to tighten the hoop. The fabric shouldn't sag or move about while you're stitching. If it does, you'll get wrinkles and puckers which are difficult to remove later. 

My embroidery kits include a wooden embroidery hoop like the one in the picture, which you can see me using in the video below.  The kits also contain needles, a needle threader, DMC thread, fabric with the pattern printed on it plus easy-to-follow instructions.

How to use an embroidery hoop - video

Needlework tips

Here are some other embroidery tips for beginners. They're super-useful, but no-one tells you about them!  Learn how to:

If you want to learn how to do embroidery stitches why not download my free printable embroidery stitch guide and visit my embroidery stitch library