Embroidery seat frame holding hoop with blue hearts embroidery in it
Flat pack assembly for embroidery lap stand
Jiggery Pokery instructions with step by step photos for assembly
Sonata seat frame box
Embroidery lap stand holding a hoop
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Embroidery lap stand

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An embroidery lap stand can be a game-changer for anyone who does a lot of stitching. You put your embroidery hoop into your lap stand, tuck it under your thigh and let it hold your hoop for you.

This frees up both of your hands which is especially useful for doing French knots.  If you find you get cramps from hunching up your shoulders or from repetitive stitching, a lap stand will help. 

I chose the Sonata seat frame from Siesta Frames for two reasons:

  • Firstly, you can use your own hoop with this lap stand.  Many lap stands comes with integrated hoops so you have to use the hoop they provide, not your own. I like to use the same embroidery hoop all the time as I get very attached to them.
  • Secondly, the lap stands are made in the UK. 

You'll need to put the lap stand together yourself as it comes flat packed. It includes printed instructions. But I have also taken photos of each stage of the assembly and added step by step written instructions so you can be absolutely sure it's going together correctly. You won't get these photographic instructions from any other supplier. 

The price you pay includes first class post within the UK.